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Not much is known of him, other than his complete lack of compassion for those victims who cross his path. He's a complete sociopath with no family, friends, or emotions. The only thing that drives him is killing. The Reverend came upon him one night on the side of the road where he seemed to be burying something in a ditch. The Reverend soon noticed an arm sticking out from the mound of dirt. “You know, that's a shame,” the Reverend yelled. “Wasting a perfectly fine corpse like that.”


The unknown man raised his shovel, ready to attack. “Now, just hold on there friend, I mean you no harm.” The unknown man lowered his shovel and looked confused. “We could always use a few extra hands, and looks like you could use some as well.”


The Reverend extended his hand, but the man just glared at him.  

“They call me Reverend. Tell you what, come with me. We can get you something to eat, and then we can take care of your little excess baggage there.” The man grabbed the exposed arm, pulling the body from the dirt, and proceeded to follow The Reverend down the road, and through the iron gates of the Parker land. He remained on the property from that day forward, never speaking a word, just completely dedicated to his daily packing of flesh and organs. His eyes as empty as his soul, and a complete killing machine, earning him the name “The Void.”

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