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Living in the shadows around death since childhood, old man Parker's daughter, "Mary" lost her sensitivity for human life. After old man Parker and his wife met their fatal end in a plane crash, Mary was left to carry on the family business.


The business immediately started going downhill with the introduction of "big business" in town. People were overlooking the smaller family mortuaries.

In her hardened state, Mary started to salvage parts of the dead to resell on the black market. She would remove the organs from the bodies without the loved one’s knowledge and sell them to people in order to keep the morgue alive. This paid more than the mortuary business over time. It soon became the primary source of income for Mary with the funeral home being the front to hide her grizzly works.


Soon, the town was not supplying her with enough bodies to keep up with her buyer’s demands. That's when Mary started creating her own victims. She would lure the homeless and runaways around the town with promises of a job and place to stay. They would follow Mary right into her trap. She would remove their body parts in the most horrific ways and discard the remains in the graveyard or cremation chamber.


This went on undetected until one trusting transient found himself in her trap and managed to escape. He was able to make it to the police and tell them the horrifying practices going on. The FBI raided the back rooms of the Parker House and seized the home with all its contents in their original state of torture.


After more than 20 years of probing and investigations conducted by governmental agencies, the "Parker House" was put up for sale.


We have bought it and reassembled it in its original state in order for you to witness, first hand how awful the tortures really were.


We can't wait to see you there…

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