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Abigail Bennett, 16 years old, was Mary Parker’s first known victim. Abigail was the daughter of Dr. Richard Bennett, director of The Ratliff Sanitarium. Abigail was extremely popular in the town, but could also be extremely cruel to those she thought weren't worthy of her friendship.


One day, while Mary was in town running a few errands for her Mother, Abigail and a group of girls called her over. Abigail said, “Hey Mary, How does it feel to know this whole town thinks you and your family are a bunch of crazies?” Mary walked away, but was quickly grabbed on the arm by Abigail. “Everybody knows you just love being surrounded by all those dead bodies!” “God only knows what goes on when no one is looking!” All the girls began to laugh and shove Mary from side to side. Mary finally broke free and ran.

Later that afternoon, Abigail was walking home alone and saw Mary sitting on the steps of an old abandoned shack near the Parker Home. “Hey there Crazy Mary!” Abigail yelled. Mary stood up, turned her back ,and walked into the shack. “Hey, I'm talking to you!” Abigail walked up the steps and stepped into the entrance of the darkened shack. Suddenly Abigail felt a huge whack to the back of her head with a piece of the shack’s flooring. Abigail instantly fell to the floor bleeding from her head. Out of the darkness stepped Mary, holding the bloody board.


Abigail awoke in the cellar of the Parker Funeral Home dazed and confused. “Hello? Where am I?” Abigail whimpered. A whisper from a dark corner stated, “You are where you belong.”


Before Abigail could reply she felt a rope wrap around her neck and instantly tighten. Abigail was then hoisted up by the rafters and her body dangled two feet off the ground. Mary walked over to Abigail as she struggled like a fish out of water. “It’s true you know,” Mary said. “About the dead bodies… I do enjoy it.”


It was at that moment Abigail’s life became no more. Her body swayed back and forth in the dim cellar light. Mary buried the body in the cellar ground, and never spoke a word of what happened.

That next day, and for weeks, ongoing search parties combed the woods and fields for any sign of Abigail’s whereabouts, but with no luck. Dr. Bennett was completely destroyed by the disappearance of his daughter, and some say he was never the same again. It has been rumored that to this day you can see the spirit of “The Ghost Girl” still walking the halls of the Parker House desperately trying to find her way back home.

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