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From a very young age Mary Parker was exposed to death on a near daily basis. The whole idea of it became as natural as a stroll through the meadows. Her parents knew that Mary wasn't quite right from early on. They would often find the remains of slaughtered animals throughout the property.


Mr. Parker first assumed they had a coyote problem, until he found a sack of animal organs under Mary’s bed.


When her parents confronted Mary, she flew into a fit of rage. After that, it was never discussed again. Her parents agreed that Mary’s disorder should be kept quiet, and hoped that she would grow tired of her hobby. They couldn't have been more wrong.


As Mary grew older, so did her desire for the warm flow of blood.

When Abigail Bennett, a schoolmate of Mary’s went missing, Mary’s parents knew almost immediately the she was somehow responsible. Local authorities searched everywhere for the girl but with no success.  The Parker’s pulled Mary out of school and kept her around the property in hopes to better monitor and try to curb her behaviors. Mary would go along with her parent’s wishes and stated she no longer did any of those silly things she did before, but that was only to please her parents and allow them to lower their guard.


With Mary being isolated from the local townspeople, her resentment for all outsiders beyond the Parker land only grew. Since Mary’s parents believed her to be better, they decided to take a much needed break from the business and take a short vacation, allowing Mary to remain behind and watch over the property. It would be the last time she ever spoke to them again.

After hearing of the plane crash, Mary knew that it would be up to her to keep the family business and The Parker name alive. The rest of the story has been a stain on this town for many years, and the mere mention of the Parker property, Mary, or the actions that took place, horrify and sicken all.

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