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You’ll be immersed in a situation unknown to the outside world. Completely engulfed in the murderous mayhem in which Mary Parker subjected her victims. Walk though her living quarters, combined with her torturous chambers where she felt so at home. You will experience the graveyard, where unsuspecting guests found their final resting place. As you enter into the woods, and journey though all who lurk there, you may be approached by some unsavory characters, but don’t be alarmed. They promise to make it quick....


Take an interactive ride around the property in our specially equipped attack vehicles. Your mission is to defeat the zombies and save the world from all the chaos created by mans failed attempts at finding a cure for the OUTBREAK virus. 


You will experience many different scenes though your journey. In some, you will get to shoot with your splatter weapon in an attempt to defeat the monsters and zombies that await you. You will need to purchase specially equipped splatter balls for this mission if you want to protect the spectators you have riding with you. This can be done up on entering the park or after you have entered the ride.



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