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The youngest of the Kraven Clan, Victor was born into a world surrounded by death and pain. He was raised to believe that outsiders had only one use in life and that was to feed their cravings. From birth, Victor suffered constant physical and mental abuse from his older brother Thomas, which in result led to Victor’s delay in development. He never became fully verbal.


Victor would often fly into fits of rage that often his own family could not control. The only reason he was even kept around was his undeniable skill at killing and preparing for feast, any poor soul that wandered too deep into the woods. It seemed that the only time Victor felt at peace was when he got to watch Mary Parker through the trees as she did her daily tasks.

One day, while Mary was walking home from town, three local teenage boys began to follow her and verbally assault her. Just as Mary began to reach into her satchel for her blade, Victor appeared from the tree line. He grabbed one boy by the neck and slammed him into a large oak tree, killing him instantly. He then thrust a small hatchet into the skull of the second boy. The third boy began to run but Victor pulled a large knife from his waist and threw it with great force, striking the boy in the back of his head. Victor turned to Mary, out of breath, waiting for her to scream or run, but she only smiled. “Well,” Mary said, “Just don't stand there, let's get ‘em on up to the house.” Victor, confused at first, eventually obliged and drug the bodies to the Parker grounds. Mary told Victor, “I know you have been watching me, and you shouldn't fear coming around. You are always welcomed in this home. As a matter of fact, I could use someone with  your talents around here.” Mary took Victor by the hand and led him into the house.


From that day forward, Victor became one of Mary’s most loyal confidants and did not hesitate with her requests. Over the years, he only perfected his skills, and when the voices in his head would scream, it was only Mary that could tame his desire to kill and destroy all that was around him. There is no stopping him or his rage. Without Mary, no one is safe.

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