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Alice Parker, daughter of Mary, was born inside the walls of Ratliff Sanitarium. Mary was attacked by an unidentified staff member shortly after being committed, and based on her previous exploits, her cries for help went unacknowledged. When it was determined that she was with child, Mary’s pregnancy was kept silent and she remained hidden away. On the day Mary gave birth, she wasn't even able to lay eyes on the child before it was taken away. All Mary heard was, “It's a girl.”

Young Alice bounced around from home to home, never really finding a place to fit in. She was in and out of trouble her whole life, and her erratic, violent behavior made it extremely difficult to make any real connections. Alice supported herself through different cons and scams and perfected the art of deceiving anyone foolish enough to trust her.

For many years Alice searched for her true identity and her birth mother, but with no success. On her 23rd birthday, Alice received an anonymous letter that explained in detail everything about her birth mother, Mary, and the hidden truths behind Ratliff Sanitarium.


Upon discovery of her newly found past, Alice came up with a plan to become employed with the sanitarium, and make sure no one forgets the Parker name, and those who left her life so empty will pay for their sins.

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